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“For This ... I Bow” by Aimee L. Reid-Sych


You are invited to partake in the journey of a Lifetime -- one that will take you to the very heart of God. In the depths of His Presence, the worshiper discovers the mirrored reflection of His glory that transforms their very being. This place is for you, right here and now. I welcome you to come and open this book with a hungry heart, feast on the abundance of these words, wear out the pages, mark and stain them with your tears as you pen your heart's cry. In these chapters you will discover the heart motives of the worshiper that has been ruined for the ordinary because they have seen His worth. It is time to discover the "For This," that compels us to say, "'I Bow' before You, O Holy God." ~ Aimee


Book & Workbook in One

346 pages

For This ... I Bow

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